After seeing Black Ops 3’s new story line, or at least what they’ve revealed of it so far, I decided to ask the question to others around me. I asked one of my good friends, who serves in the United States National Guard, what his thoughts on the matter would be. This was his answer:

“The problem with this question is that the military fraternity isn’t composed of a lot of people who feel similarly about most subjects. Those in the military are just as varied as the rest of America. So you would see two sides form, just like in the rest of the States. Even the infantry, the grunts, have some insanely smart and really stupid people. They have conservatives and liberals, and they have super buff and average joe. It would come down to individual soldier preference and that would divide us somewhat.

This is something that most soldiers would be hesitant to do in some ways and excited about in others. Soldiers return from deployment unable to persue their military career because of mangled, broken, or lost limbs all the time. If they told those soldiers they could get back into battle, and it was a DoD approved program, sure, plenty of wounded vets would do it. But healthy vets with nothing wrong, just wanting voluntary limb replacements and neural implants? Not likely. Many soldiers still think the VA (Veterans Association) is an evil entity that experiments on soldiers, so many are already wary about that kind of stuff. But augmentation? For example, a sub-corneal implant in your eye that made you able to zoom a lens or see thermal spectra? Or subcutaneous implant under your skin that was like bullet or thermal scanning resistant? Things that would keep you body still yours, while making you better, less likely to die in combat – yes. I would do it, and anyone in combat specialization in the military would probably at least think about it. So limb replacement, no, limb enhancement, yes. But neural networking will never happen. Not because we don’t have the tech. That is already being developed. It’s because we are already owned by the government. We don’t want them in our thoughts. It’s and invasion of privacy. Some soldiers would do it, but it would be hard for their brother to trust them, because we would all be worried the guys up top could hear our conversation, and that paranoia and distrust would kill the military fraternity. A few would probably object even to limb enhancement, but I think the majority would be willing to try at least some minor things. And no one would dislike those who got modified on a moral basis or anything. Their choice. We respect that.”


To me, it sounds like limb replacement for veterans, could be a great thing. It should be optional, not government required, but it could help a lot of people out. It already does. In my opinion, one of the most important things to remember is that it is our choice. If someone decides to live a certain way, what do we have to say to stop them? If it hurts others, sure, but if used in the proper manner, choice is what drives our species. We are beings of choice. So choose wisely.