Do Not Believe His Lies: The Unforgiving Riddle was a game released to the app store by a small company named theM Dev back in July of 2014. Since the game’s release it has been downloaded thousands of times and has to this day still not been beaten. The game begins with 4 semi-ominous messages; We Were Expecting You, Your Journey Begins Now, We Await You On The Other Side, and Good Luck.


After these messages the game puts you right into it’s first puzzle with nothing more than your (seemingly) black screen. Upon turning up your brightness the answer to the first puzzle is revealed and the game begins to tell you it’s story. “The First Time” “I Saw Him There” “I Was Just A Child”.

Throughout this game the puzzles become harder and harder to the point where thousands of people have banded together and are determined to beat it, to this day no one has succeeded therefore not knowing how long this game is. A group of people on a Reddit thread have just a few days ago completed the 38th puzzle, which they have been stuck on for the last 5 months.

After the game introduces it’s story it really begins to open up to the player through codes actually giving off emotion and for me somewhat of a trespassing feeling in messages such as “I Am Scard” and “I Can’t Escape Him Now”. But the question is, “Why”? Why would someone go through so much effort in order to make something practically unbeatable and make it so eerie? Perhaps the game developer used this as a type of release and helped get their emotions out? Maybe it wasn’t supposed to see the App Store? What do you think? Let me know in the comments below.