With E3 came a new app on the app store called Fallout Shelter and though I have never been a big fan of the Fallout game I was excited with this app that came out. It is a really fun “City” game where you have timers and wait times, however the wait times are really short and there is always something to do.

The Fallout Shelter app is one of the few apps in this game category that allows you to have multiple accounts on one device. Also there is a unique strategy aspect to this game and it keeps you thinking and analyzing. You always have to try to figure out what you are going to need and what you do need.

Basically the way the game works is you are building a vault where people can go to stay alive. You assign people places to go and tell them what to do. The objective is to have the biggest best and safest vault you possibly can.

Things that can throw you for a loop are little things such as fires or radroach infestations, however the death of one of your people can be quite drastic as well.

Every dweller has there own unique special skill spread and they each do certain things better than others. This sometimes will make it so you always have enough of one thing and never have enough of another.


The best way to get your colony resources and get it back into a good living shape is to just stay in the app. If you let your resources be consumed faster than you collect your people will lose happiness and health (when you don’t have enough food) or they will take on radiation (when you don’t have enough purified water).

Another cool feature to the game play is that you can speed up processes and it doesn’t cost a premium currency. However there is a chance that the process can fail and you will have to take care of the accident.

I really like this app and would recommend it to anyone that is looking for a fun new game to play, the downsides to this game are things like “highly addictive” and “time consuming” but all I have to say about that is “WORTH”