Back in the 90s and early 2000 there were a load of great games that came out on what were the newest and best systems. The Genesis, The 64, The Playstation, etc. Some of those games were so good but were never heard from again. Now with the new systems its time to bring these games back with a whole new look but the same great game play.

  1. Road Rash

Step 1: Motorcycle racing…. Always a fun video game premise. Step 2 add weapons to help you win. Now many people would say “That game is too violent!! We can’t let our kids play this!!” Well last I checked Mario Kart throws bombs at the other player’s sooo. This game had good success up until the 2000s when EA stopped making it. The XBOX One is screaming out for this game to be revived and bring its gameplay to the ultra-realistic world of modern gaming.

Road Rage


  1. Snowboard Kids

Speaking of Mario Kart, this game was once praised as the Mario Kart of Snowboard Racing. Snowboard kids involved the fun of snowboard games with the epic racing action of Mario kart. This even includes the Shots that you can use to stop your opponent. With the new systems this game could see some major benefits.

snowboard Kids


  1. Battle Tanx

The battle tanks series was the only thing developer 3DO had going for it, unfortunately everything else they worked on was garbage so the developer tanked it.. Pun intended. Battle tanks allowed players to match up against each other and blast the crap out of each other. The last game allowed players to rampage in famous sites in a post-apocalyptic world. The new online multiplayer modes available could make this game a huge seller in the future.



  1. NHL Hitz

It’s a fact that Hockey games on a system are not the easiest to play and are not the most popular sports games available, though the newest EA NHL 16 is by far the nicest game. Hitz took everything that made the exaggerated sports games like NBA Jam great and applied it to hockey. Bit hits, breaking guys through the glass, and fast paced 3 on 3 action (in the original game at least.) Online gameplay on an exaggerated sports game would be bring this game back to full success.


  1. NFL Blitz.

Ok I know this game is not technically Dead… it’s available on live for the 360 and it has and NFL endorsement again… blah blah blah. I want the OLD blitz back. The super late hits. The body slams, the long dives, the exaggerated dances. I recognize that the old blitz lost its NFL license because they wanted to clean up the look of violence in the NFL… well video games was the least of their worries! The Violence on and off the field should have been their focus, not a game that made them more popular. Bring back the fun that was the OLD Blitz.

BlitzDid I miss something? What games would you like to see revived on the new systems? Let me know in the comments below!