The Five Nights at Freddy’s series is one that had a huge success, pretty much overnight. The first one was a new concept never seen in gaming before. The second one brought more jump scares, and was more challenging. FNAF 3 is the latest one, and you can watch Rolo, AJ, and myself play it here. It brought something new to the franchise. Instead of multiple animatronics, there was only one out for your blood. Springtrap doesn’t appear until the second night, allowing you to get a feel for the camera, controls, and over all layout.

The first one released in August of 2014. The second one came out 2 months after that, and the third one a couple of months after that. Obviously it doesn’t take a lot to make these games. Just today on Scott’s (the creator of the series) website, there was a teaser image for FNAF 4. It is supposed to be the last one in the FNAF series. No one quite knows what it is supposed to be about, or what animatronics will appear. Maybe it will be based on the first restaurant. The one we haven’t seen a game in yet. If you want to hear a theory about the FNAF timeline, click here.

As stated earlier, the first three games came out soon after one another. This game is set to launch October of this year, which, according to FNAF standards, is an eternity away.

What do you think? Are you excited that there is going to be another FNAF? Do you think that the third one was good enough, and a forth one will just be seen as a way to earn some more money? Let me know, in the comments below.