I have always been a huge fan of horror video games, however there is one that holds a special place in my heart: Five Nights at Freddy’s. Even though the game (especially the latest one) is rather new, this game put horror games into a whole new perspective and will absolutely be a game that lives on for many many years.

Before Five Nights at Freddy’s came out in August of 2014 pretty much all of the horror games all fell into their own category and had a completely different style.  However, when the game was released it was such a huge success because those who loved horror games had this new concept of waiting for the fight to come to you. The fact that it’s coming weather you’re ready or not made Five Nights at Freddy’s almost immediately explode in popularity. Five Nights is popular because it is a lot harder to get your friend to play a game where they need to willingly go out and find something to scare them, but this game was able to put an entirely different twist on it.

The popularity of the first Five Nights lead Scott Cawthon to immediately get working on the next game in the series to release a mere 3 months later. After building the first one from scratch all by himself in a 6 month process he worked harder to give the fans more to the story of what had happened to these kids and what’s going to happen with all the characters. This is what makes it great, he was not only was he working on what he had enjoyed but developing a story to give more to the fans.

Another reason for Five Nights popularity was because the Easter Eggs. Those that wanted to know the story behind the story would love this game because, not only are you able to play and explore but because of the fact that you can get different things to happen or even get a different ending based on what you do. Cawthon made it that way because his sons were his Beta testers and they both really like exploits and Easter eggs. He decided to make make it so that there were “two” story lines, setting it apart from ANY other game. It really made it so that in order to just know the actual story itself you had to work for it.

Five Nights at Freddy’s acts as a bridge, it brings so many new people into horror games who are now going to go out and play other horror games. Now that they have been helped into the genre with a great game they will keep going deeper and deeper into it. They will also stay linked into the other games in order to know how the story will progress now that Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 is out. Best of all Five Nights 3 brings in alternate endings, and being able to get the ending, even one that is not a good ending, can bring solace through just knowing the ending.