I currently do all my gaming on my phablet (Note 3) and iPad Mini. I do this because I’m always away from home. Whether I’m working or with family I’m not usually around a console, so I don’t have one at all.

Like the blog title suggest, if I did have a console it would be the Xbox One. Why Xbox One and not the PlayStation 4, Wii U, or another mobile console? Because the Xbox One is a better media center than all the other consoles out of the box.

With the native support for network streaming (videos from a computer), and other media center plug-ins the Xbox One is my choice. That and you can play Halo. Halo is the reason I did have an Xbox and Xbox 360. I just might have to buy the Halo Remake.

Did you buy the Xbox One, or did you buy another console? Leave a comment. Maybe you can convince me to change my mind, about buying the Xbox One.