As you all know the Five Nights At Freddy’s franchise came out and grew successful almost overnight. There are a multitude of theories as to what the story is eluding at, and more importantly, why. The best theory I could find was one by youtuber GameTheory HERE, and the 2nd one HERE. All theories are focused around the killer, and who he is. I have a completely different theory. The player, you, is dead.

I know what you are probably thinking. How can I be dead when I am doing a job that I don’t want to do? It sounds like real life doesn’t it. Well you, the player, aren’t dead to begin with. You are alive and well. You’re hanging out with your friends, having a good time. A good time to you and your drug addict friends is doing Acid, or Coke, or… something.

In the first game, you take a hit or two. It’s your first time and you begin to hallucinate. Have you ever wondered why the guy doesn’t just leave, or why he comes back? That is a question asked by many. The question I had, however, was: He has a phone obviously. Why doesn’t he call someone? He is on acid and never in any real danger.

In the second game, things get a little more elaborate. You take like five or so hits maybe. Can you tell I don’t do drugs. Is hit even the right term? Can you take that many? IDK. Anyway, you take five or so hits, and pass out, leading into the second game. Things are different, and much more scary. You have about twice the number of animatronics after you so it makes sense that you took more than before. When do you die exactly?

Here. This is the paragraph of the article in which you die. Five Nights at Freddy’s three. The first night you are in no real danger, you are in purgatory. What happens next is where you realize you messed up. Things start going a little wrong. You decide that you OD’d and died. All of the hallucinations are your brain still trying. Trying its hardest to wake you up. The only one you need to be careful of is the REAL animatronic. He is the one that can bring you true pain and suffering.

You realize that you REALLY are dead, and this isn’t a game any more. You’re not on a bad trip, you’re not having a bad dream. You are dead. You are forced to live the same torture you went through in the bad parts of your life. You are a security guard forever, and ever. That is why you come back. That is why you never call anybody. That is why it seems to be an endless loop. You. Are. Dead. What do you think? Do you have any great FNAF theories? Let me know in the comments below!