Don’t even pretend like you don’t remember this great game for the Nintendo 64. It had everything! Want to take pictures of cute Pokémon? Pokemon snap has you covered! Want to play a pokéflute and make pokémon dance? Pokémon snap has you covered! Want to feed pokémon apples? Pokémon snap has you covered! Want to throw poison gas balls at pokémon? Guess what!? Pokémon Snap HAS YOU COVERED!

It doesn’t matter if you didn’t like Pokémon snap, because odds are you know all about it anyway! Pokémon snap was a surprising game that took the world by storm! When the game developers were in some sort of important meeting, whoever said “You want to know what would be fun? Taking pictures of Pokémon!” was a genius. At the time however he was probably met with a “Shut up Tom” or something like that, but that man deserves a promotion and a corner office. Heck, he deserves his own building!

I was playing Pokémon Snap the other day and I had a thought: What if they remade this game for the Wii U? The more I thought about it the more I realized how good of an idea it really was. On the TV screen you can have a list of the pictures and the current score for the picture of that pokémon. What would you do with the game pad exactly? You would use it to look around the room you are in for the Pokémon! I know, I know, why don’t I have a job at Nintendo yet with all these good ideas? A question even I am befuddled by. I then had the thought: What if someone has a bad hip, or doesn’t want to work on their core while they play a video game? That is when I had my second genius idea. Have a settings menu so you can have the game pad display the pictures and scores, and play the game on the TV.

The screen with the pictures could also have the pokémon whose pictures are still available to take. A silhouette of the pokémon would even be appreciated. On my N64 game there are still to this day some pokémon that I know I need to take a picture of. I don’t even know what the pokémon are, because it doesn’t tell you what they are or where they can be found. So I still just have some empty slots, in the game, and in my heart.