Key art from developers website.


In August of 2014 Atari released a long awaited teaser for a new roller coaster tycoon game. It was simple, it didn’t show much, but it was enough to get true RCT fans excited… somewhat. The best news that most fans got was the fact that a game would be released in early 2015. The worst news on the other hand the video didn’t show enough to really give us too much to get excited about. Let’s discus the video.

The graphics in the brief gameplay shot at the end look a million times better than they did in RCT3. RTC3s ability to ride the ride was one of the better aspects of the game but the graphics were not great. They were blocky and choppy, and didn’t always work in the world. From the brief shot it looks like the people at Atari want to make the graphics better, but still hold on to the fun look of the previous games.

That’s about all from the video.

Now, since the video release Atari had been updating a production blog about the game. Here are some of the things from the blog that should get you excited to play.

New Terrain Editor and Generator.

Anyone who played RCT3 knows that that terrain editor was possibly the worst thing in the world. It was unpredictable and made it difficult to really do what you wanted with the landscape. Lucky for us it sounds like the people at Atari recognized how crappy it was. In the first blog it was discussed that this was one of the first things they worked on, with a desire to make it important and easy to use.

New building tools

Two new additions the game are coming and they should add a new dimension to you park building, Restaurants and Indoor rides. Now the early games all had indoor rides, but they were never that good and they were difficult to work with. From what the blog says Atari has been working on making these more exciting and adding a bunch of new types of indoor rides. Also no longer are you going to be limited to quick service food stands, now your peeps will be able to spend more money for a nicer experience, this allows you to really build that Disneyworld park you have always wanted to.

Coaster Building

3D coaster building…. From what we can gather from the production blog, they are working hard on allowing you to do what you want when you want to and not worry too much about if the track pieces and turns will match the next part of the ride. If you can imagine it you can do it. Also the addition of the in game architect mode helps to allow you to finish the ride before you build it. No longer do you need to sit and wait for that $130.00 to put in that last piece to finish your custom ride.

HD Graphics

In RCT3 they went with a whole new look and feel, which was drastically different than the previous games, but it lacked the realistic feel. Atari released in its blog that they want to keep the fun look but also make it feel more real. It will be interesting to see how this all works out but if they can make it look as real as they made the lift hill in the trailer look, they are on the right track… get it… right track.

Release date: Still unknown… Early 2015…. The development team has stated that they won’t release until it’s all the way ready, if this means it gets delayed… so be it. Hopefully we will see it in 2015, I mean we need something to look forward to now that Zelda U is looking like it won’t be seen this year.