It has been two week since Splatoon was released for the Wii U. I feel like I have officially played enough to form a strong opinion of this game; I also have played all the many parts and am going to post a review on each of them.

There were 3 Amiibos released when Splatoon was released and they flew off the shelves immediately. I am glad to say that I was able to get a hold of some and have used them in my Splatoon gameplay.

The Amiibos don’t add a ton to the game play of Splatoon, but they are really fun. What the Amiibos do is allow you to replay 15 levels and 5 boss fights from story using different weapon classes. When you complete the bosses you will get a new weapon or new gear for the online play. These weapon are not extremely overpowered or anything they just are unique and it gives the play a sense of accomplishment to be using the Amiibo weapons.

The Amiibos are really fun and if you can get one I would recommend it.