Tales from the Borderlands is another fantastic “watch and play” series from Telltale Games. Telltale has been running this type of game series for a while now, and Tales from the Borderlands does not disappoint.

For those of you who are accustomed to Telltale’s style, this may be a bit out of your comfort zone. While it follows the basic story telling characteristics of other Telltale titles, it has less so of a dramatic story, this coming from the fact that it is set in the Borderlands universe. I’ve been a long time fan of Borderlands, and Telltale has done a great job of bringing this story to life. You play as two different characters, Rhys and Fiona, both of which come from the complete opposite of backgrounds and life styles. This brings in the comedic aspect that Borderlands’ fans know and love. All the goodies are there from loot that still has the glowing pillars of “Oo! Pick me up!!” to the impeccable timing of well placed poop jokes.

     As the story progresses, it does follow the scheme that most Telltale titles bring, allowing you to choose for yourself what actions you would like to take, affecting the later episodes. The story brings in an attitude of a dramatic story, with a dark comedic twist, of how someone shooting for the big-shots at Hyperion gets wound up on the bloodthirsty planet of Pandora, where just about everything and everyone wants to kill you.He winds up having to work with a lowly con-artist and her family to get back at the classic jerk of a co-worker who took his fame, but ends up in probably the biggest mess of a situation that could only happen on Pandora.
     You meet friendly faces from the Borderlands universe, as well as some new and interesting people who bring even more life to the story. They play off the wonderful features of Borderlands in the mini-cut scene intros for some of the more important characters. The ability to chose how to interact with these new faces brings a whole new aspect to the Borderlands that captured my attention and brought me deep into the story. They make the characters lovable, hate-able, and, of course, down right funny.
The first episode was able to bring me into the story and get me excited for the next episode. The controls are smooth, and the graphics, absolutely Borderlands-y! I did have a small problem near the end with strange discolored boxes appearing on my screen, not so much of a problem, but an annoying distraction. Overall, Tales from the Borderlands is an exciting new adventure from Telltale Games that both fans of them and Borderlands can enjoy. This is a mash up up that turned out right!
Scores out of 10:
Story- 8.7
Graphics- 6.6
Gameplay- 9.0
Overall- 8.1
A great game, highly recommended to those who love a good life and a great story!
Reviewed by: Bryce Green