Donkey Kong Country: a franchise you either loved, or hated. That is until Donkey Kong Country 64 for the Nintendo 64 came out. This DK game was unlike any you had seen to date! It wasn’t just a side scroller, with near impossible levels and bosses. This was a 3d open world baby! You don’t feel like completing the mission? Don’t worry about it, just roam around for a while and find all the stuff there is to find!

The Donkey Kong franchise consists of mostly side scrolling, even in the new games. Donkey Kong Country 64 was a game developed by Rare, the company that also brought you Conker’s Bad Fur Day, and the Banjo-Kazooie games. Microsoft bought Rare in 2002. When Microsoft acquired Rare, some Execs thought they owned DK too, and were surprised to find out that Donkey Kong, despite most DK games being made by Rare, was the property of Nintendo. (Source).

Donkey Kong 64 is a story about friendship, and sacrifice. In the game you have to save the other “Kongs” and collect golden bananas to open new areas. In the new areas you get colored bananas: Yellow: Donkey Kong, Red: Diddy Kong, Blue: Lanky Kong, Purple: Tiny Kong, and Green: Chunky Kong. What do you do with these bananas exactly? You feed them to a hippo, so that he can get fatter and push a scale with a pig on the other end up, to unlock the boss door. Duh. Every boss door only accepts a certain Kong, so be sure you have them all. (It’s part of the story line to rescue them, so don’t worry.)

A couple of years back, on my birthday, I asked for a N64 with DK 64. I got it, and boy was I the happiest boy in the world. I played and played non-stop until I beat it. Could you imagine what that same game, but with updated graphics and more game play would be like? If it’s on a current gen console, probably 3ds, than you could give it to a child, and have them become enthralled in the same thing you were as a kid. A lot of people want games remade for nostalgia, and this game is one that, while nostalgic, holds up very well. I recently replayed it on my n64, and thought about how much fun a remake would be.

There were lots of mini games on Donkey Kong Country 64 as well. Back then you had to get two to four people in a room and all play on the same screen, making screen peaking a lot easier. If they were to remake DK 64, they could easily utilize online play, and download play. You wouldn’t be able to cheat that way. The mini games are surprisingly fun as well. There were some shooter/survival games, and a battle arena mini game. Each of the mini games came with five to six different ways to play. (Source).

This game is a childhood game to so many. It also offers enough challenge that an older gamer could get into it, while remaining fun and colorful enough for a child to enjoy. The Zelda remakes have been a great success, but I feel they offer too much of a challenge to younger players, especially if they don’t know exactly what to do. They get distracted, and quit out of frustration, especially in Majora’s Mask, where not only is it difficult, you have a certain amount of time to do everything in.  DK 64 however is colorful and has enough stuff to find in the open world, that even if a younger player got lost story mode wise, they could free roam and see and the sites, and discover all the hidden things placed around the map.

Basically, this game is fun for any person, any age. If they were to remake this I for one would buy it. What do you think? Would you buy a DK 64 remake? Leave a comment down below!